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What Do Miami Residents Spend The Most Money On?

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As many of us know, Americans love to spend money. The question that should be asked is where do you find yourself spending the most money? Is it buying tickets to sports/entertainment events like Miami Heat games? Is it buying music, books, or even tickets to the movies? Better yet, is it waiting in a long line on Wednesday for the next lottery ticket for the upcoming drawing? If you guessed buying lottery tickets, you were right! A recent survey conducted by the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries showed that we spent a total of $70.15 billion dollars in lottery tickets last year alone. When calculated with other categories, it was evident that us Americans spend more money on lottery tickets than on many other things. “That tops the $62.7 billion spent on all of those different forms of leisure and entertainment.”

Many Americans, especially those of us from Miami, know how it feels like to wait in those long lines at our local lottery distributor to purchase what we hope will be the winning numbers that will set us free from work. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get a winning ticket that will allow us to quit our jobs. We can only hope and give ourselves a sigh of relief when we hold that ticket that maybe, just maybe, we won the millions. 

Instead of trying your luck with the lottery to eliminate your financial burdens, there may be other feasible options to consider. One of these may be filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help you gain control of your financial life back and eliminate your debt once and for all. For a free consultation to discuss your rights with a qualified attorney, please call our office at 305-820-0334 today!
Source: CNN Money
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