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Start checking your emails and texts for debt collection messages starting in 2021

If you have outstanding debt which is currently in collections, you may see an increase in text messages and emails more often in 2021. The CFPB released an update that debt collectors will be able to use these methods in addition to traditional collection calls to collect on a debt. According to the rule, you [...]

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New Florida Judgment Interest Rate Set to start October 1, 2020

When a lawsuit is filed against you by a credit card company or collection agency for a past due debt, there is a limited amount of time to act or a judgment can be filed against you. Once it is filed, the judgment is valid in the state of Florida for 20 years. Judgments may [...]

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Received a lawsuit from MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT LLC? Here’s what to do.

ACTION BY CREDITOR: SEND YOU A LETTER Did you receive a letter threatening to sue from MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT LLC (MCM)? Or worse -did you get served with a lawsuit already? You have a limited amount of time to take action. The Law Office of Alberto H. Hernandez can help you resolve this debt! MIDLAND [...]

What Do I do When I get a Summons or Lawsuit Complaint?

Most people cringe at the sight of a summons and complaint delivered by a sheriff or a process server. Please do not kill the messenger, you are being sued by someone and these folks are just doing their job and that is why they need to find you. Most process servers will try [...]

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