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New Florida Judgment Interest Rate Set to start October 1, 2020

When a lawsuit is filed against you by a credit card company or collection agency for a past due debt, there is a limited amount of time to act or a judgment can be filed against you. Once it is filed, the judgment is valid in the state of Florida for 20 years. Judgments may [...]

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Received a lawsuit from MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT LLC? Here’s what to do.

ACTION BY CREDITOR: SEND YOU A LETTER Did you receive a letter threatening to sue from MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT LLC (MCM)? Or worse -did you get served with a lawsuit already? You have a limited amount of time to take action. The Law Office of Alberto H. Hernandez can help you resolve this debt! MIDLAND [...]

What happens to my car when I file Bankruptcy?

Many people considering bankruptcy ask me whether they will lose their car at the time of filing bankruptcy.  This question is fueled by either misinformation or lack of knowledge.   After all, I am a bankruptcy attorney and I am happy to answer the question once I have more information.  The answer depends on the particular [...]

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Can any Florida Attorney File a Bankruptcy Case for me in South Florida?

Any attorney that is licensed in Florida in good standing may attempt to file a bankruptcy case for a client in South Florida.  However, it is important for the consumer to know that the attorney that files bankruptcy cases in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach has court-imposed qualifications to do so.  According to the Local [...]

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Your Job Loss or Furlough is a Practical Reason to File Bankruptcy in Miami and have Debt Relief Today

A sudden and terrible financial emergency creates a delicate situation where common people subliminally entertain whether filing bankruptcy is a good option to get under the problem.  Most people who have money reserves or have a job do not usually perceive bankruptcy as a best option since the emergency may be usually withstood with some [...]

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How to Find Out if Your Neighbor Has Filed Bankruptcy

As a bankruptcy attorney in Miami one of the most frequent objections to a recommendation of a bankruptcy is that neighbors may find out about the bankruptcy filing.  The general and unsupported historical stigma of bankruptcy carries lots of weight in this day and age where it seems a keystroke of the computer may reveal [...]

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Advertisement letters from Attorneys

DO NOT THROW AWAY A LETTER FROM OUR OFFICE UNTIL YOU READ AND REVIEW IT. Please know we only represent people who owe money to a person or company, we do not represent creditors! If you get a letter from our office, and you are not already our client, it is because you have been [...]

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New Miami Bankruptcy Document Procedure

Last week we wrote about the new forms and changes to the bankruptcy law. The federal courts are always trying to create bankruptcy forms, rules and procedures which are easy to work with by the public and its bankruptcy practitioners. As with many other industries the bankruptcy court system has slowly migrated towards electronic records. For [...]

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New Bankruptcy Forms Required for Individuals Considering Filing

Every so often changes are made to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, Forms, and Guidelines. These changes are made based on a recommendation of an advisory committee made up primarily of federal judges, bankruptcy attorneys, and trustees. The proposed changes to the Bankruptcy Rules and Bankruptcy Forms are finally completed. As of [...]

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Supreme Court Ruling on Bankruptcy

A recent US Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Viegelahn addresses a bankruptcy issue faced by many who convert their cases from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debtors are committed to a repayment plan where they pay back a portion (or all) of their debt during a [...]

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