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How To Find Out If You Have Been Sued In Foreclosure Court

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My law practice focuses on debtor-creditor law. My daily tasks are to interpret different factual scenarios provided by prospective clients in order to find out what is the best course of action to take in light of the circumstances and particular situation at the time of the consultation. Many times my clients come with a letter from the bank or collection agency. Sometimes they received a summons and complaint and want me to review it. Sometimes however, my clients do not know if they have been sued! They sometimes don’t know if they owe the money or not, if it is their account and many times they do not remember the debts that they owe. All this is a recipe for financial disaster.

On foreclosure cases, many people in the past were part of a buying frenzy of properties that they have since abandoned, surrendered or short sold back to the lenders. Regardless, creditors continue to seek payment and many of these clients arrive at the office without knowing whether they were sued or not and not knowing the particular facts of their cases. How do you get more information? It starts with the property address or the county where the property was located.

You can go to Google and type in the name of county where the property was located. Also, type in the words clerk of court. For instance, Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court. While in the website, you must look for the part of the website that says on line services in the headings. When you are in online services make sure you are under the section for civil cases. While there, you can put your name and last name or that of any other party that was part of the closing and you will get a listing of any lawsuits under your name. Click on every lawsuit and make a determination whether this property belonged to you by looking at the document called the lis pendens. This document has the legal description of the property subject of the lawsuit and almost always has the property address. This is a website for all county clerk of courts for the State of Florida:

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