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How Much Time Do I Have To Vacate A Property After a Foreclosure Sale?

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If your property is in foreclosure, a major concern is the eviction process that comes after the property is sold. The foreclosure process can be long and drawn out one but after the sale, things move pretty fast and it is important to know what your next steps should be. Once the property is sold in a foreclosure sale, the court must issue a Certificate of Title within 10 days. Once a certificate of title is issued, the property no longer belongs to you and the new owner can begin an eviction process immediately.

If you are a tenant in a foreclosed property, there are other rights available to you under the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009. It is important to review your current lease documents with an experienced attorney to see how much time you will have to stay at the house after the foreclosure sale is concluded. Some tenants may stay for as little as 60 days after the sale while some may be able to live out the rest of their lease under the new owner.

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