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When Should I Consult a Miami Bankruptcy Attorney?

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In my experience, most people in South Florida who seek advice regarding their debt and bankruptcy options want to pay some or all of their debt outside of bankruptcy if the creditors would give them a viable way of paying for that debt.  Many times it is obvious that if only the creditor would accommodate the client, there would be no need for a bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may not always be the best solution.  For example, sometimes the client has only one debt; it is of a small amount but significant enough that life circumstances do not allow it to be paid on time, to the point that the creditor sued for the unpaid debt.  If possible, when folks have one small debt they should always consult the creditor or its agents to try to get into a payment plan for an amount that is less than what the contract requires.  Even after a debtor is sued, it is perfectly reasonable again, for the person to try to come to an arrangement to pay the amounts owed with the creditor’s attorney without bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, payment choices outside of bankruptcy are oftentimes not possible because debtors are not employed and creditors and their collection agents seek either high payments on short repayment schedules or amounts that are not feasible to pay for the delinquent debtor.  Even more so, most people do not even know that some creditors frequently accept some sort of payment, given the recent tough economic times that the majority of people in this country are experiencing. Regardless, if a short payment schedule is not possible, you are not working, or you have other delinquent debts, then it is possible the bankruptcy alternative may give you a fresh start or at least some debt relief.  Who better than an experienced bankruptcy and debt relief attorney who may give you a free consultation and show you the alternatives to resolve your financial problems!

Sometimes creditors are not reasonable asking for payment. Some creditors, or their collection agencies, resort to unethical conduct in order to pressure our clients to catch up or complete payment on a debt. Your attorney is a professional trained in recognizing these unethical and many times illegal practices.   Some people are harassed for payment to the point that they succumb to the creditor’s demands because they fear that they may lose their job, because their relatives are called, and because they are being called at all hours of the day. If you are in debt and you are facing these harassing calls and letters, there are specific federal and state legal rights that can bring a stop to the collection efforts.  Please consult your bankruptcy attorney for this very important information.  Even if bankruptcy relief is not sought by you, there are things that can be done to stop harassing calls.  Please make use of your opportunity to know your legal rights and find a solution to your debt.  Please call us for answers.

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