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What do I need to File Bankruptcy?


Most people try to pay their bills on time until it is almost impossible to do so without going hungry. Some people with insurmountable debt borrow from family and friends until it is no longer possible.  Still, for some folks lucky enough to have a job while in debt, sometimes there are not enough work hours in the day or the necessary overtime to catch up on bills and financial responsibilities.  When everything fails many must consider bankruptcy. But why consider bankruptcy?

Debt just doesn’t go away.  The overwhelming number of consolidation plans and credit counseling company plans fail because the payment amounts negotiated are still too high.  You cannot wish away the collection harassment from creditors and you cannot make it all disappear by not reading your mail.  The constant mail and collection calls will not stop until you take the step to see if bankruptcy filing can benefit you!  Thus, if you cannot borrow money, pay your bills, or have failed at a consolidation of debt repayment plan after trying, you should consider bankruptcy.

Most people think that it is a complicated process, necessitating lots of time and personal tracking of financial information. What most do not know is that a bankruptcy case petition filing requires at a minimum, your name, and your social security number.  Further, you need a listing of your income, and an accounting in writing of your assets, your debts, and your creditors.

A credit report can be obtained to get a listing of your creditors, what you owe them and their addresses. You already know your name, your social security number, what you make and the value of your assets. A bankruptcy law office can help you with the few complicated things only an experienced bankruptcy attorney knows how to handle, i.e., following the ever-changing bankruptcy law requirements to begin and complete the process correctly while protecting you from your creditors and from losing any property.

At any time that you feel that you need to discuss your particular financial situation please give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We will provide you with the information and papers necessary to file a bankruptcy case. It is not complicated for you; we will work with you when you are ready.

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