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The Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Interview Process – Part II

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Once in the attorney’s office, before you speak to the attorney and seek out all your options, bankruptcy or otherwise, you will probably be given an intake form to provide your contact information with general questions as to your income, debts, and assets. It is of utmost importance that you fill out that information completely and accurately. The consultation will be only as thorough and accurate as the information that is requested by the bankruptcy attorney and that provided by the potential client. In other words, even the best bankruptcy attorney in Miami cannot provide an accurate analysis of your potential benefits and risks involved if the information requested is not provided either in the intake or at the interview when requested in conversation.

For example, if you do not provide your income, your attorney cannot give you any specifics as to any type of case you may file. If you do not provide your
complete information on assets you own, you risk losing some or all of these assets if the attorney files the wrong type of case for you. If you do not provide all your debts and information related to your debt, your debts may not be all reduced or eliminated.

Therefore, without a doubt, provide all the information that is requested at the interview process in a complete and accurate form so that the attorney may direct you in the right direction. Because your financial information is private, your attorney cannot get any of your financial information unless you allow your attorney to pull a credit report or you bring a credit report and unreported debt to the attorney. Remember to research if your attorney focuses on all types of bankruptcy
cases and ask to speak to the bankruptcy attorney so that you can get all your options and the correct legal advice for your particular situation. You best do your homework so that you can get the fresh financial start you deserve.

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