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The Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Interview Process- Part I

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What happens when you go meet a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer? The first thing that should happen is that you need to be speaking to the attorney and not to a paralegal. Your financial situation is too important to allow a potentially low-level employee to decide whether you should be undertaking a very crucial process in the first place. Although statistically speaking many debt issues presented to bankruptcy attorneys are ordinary, only an attorney may give legal advice.

Prior to making the appointment, make sure you are speaking to a bankruptcy attorney that handles all types of bankruptcy cases. There is a high percentage of attorneys out there that only do simpler chapter 7 cases. However, not all chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are alike and you may find yourself losing your property if your case is not properly handled. Moreover, if you do not qualify for the chapter 7 cases, or you are trying to save your home, you can still do a chapter 13 case. Do not think you cannot file bankruptcy to save your home, or eliminate the second mortgage because an attorney cannot help you with a chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

Moreover, you need to be speaking to an attorney who will present you with all your options. What does that mean? Well, you may not need a bankruptcy. An experienced Miami bankruptcy lawyer will be able to let you know the consequences of paying for the debt, doing nothing if that is a good alternative, of trying to negotiate the debt to a reasonable amount, or even trying to litigate the propriety of the debt in state court.

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