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New Bankruptcy Forms Required for Individuals Considering Filing

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Every so often changes are made to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, Forms and Guidelines. These changes are made based on recommendation of an advisory committee made up primary of federal judges, bankruptcy attorneys, and trustees. The proposed changes to the Bankruptcy Rules and Bankruptcy Forms are finally completed. As of December 1, 2015, all Miami bankruptcy attorneys and their clients must use the new official forms with the filing of any new bankruptcy case.

The new bankruptcy forms have been substantially amended and apply to all of the nation’s cases including Florida bankruptcy cases. Some forms have been reconfigured and others have been added as part of the bankruptcy court’s attempt to make the forms easier to read, to navigate, and to understand. As noted in the booklet of instructions provided by the federal court system in its website, the new forms only intend to make the information easier to understand but these forms do not provide legal advice.

This is why it is so important that if you are contemplating bankruptcy you seek the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Miami who is able to offer you not only legal advice but also can explain your legal options under the bankruptcy protection act.

There are many YouTube videos and websites offering free bankruptcy advice and help with filling the numerous forms required to file bankruptcy. However, it is important to point out that this not substitute for the experienced bankruptcy counsel. The federal bankruptcy courts recommend that a qualified attorney help review and complete these new bankruptcy forms. The Court system also gives warning that petition preparers are not allowed to give legal advice and neither can Court employees.

If you are looking for bankruptcy forms and feel confident on representing yourself in federal court the new pending bankruptcy forms can be obtained HERE!

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