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Miami Loan Modification Attorney

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If you are having trouble making your monthly mortgage payments, a loan modification may be a good option for you. Loan modifications are a good option for people who have had a loss in income or an increase in their monthly expenses. A loan modification requires a lot of communication with the bank and sometimes, it may be too much for one person to handle.

At the Law Offices of Alberto H. Hernandez P.A., I work with you to prepare all of the loan modification documents, speak and negotiate with the bank on your behalf and even review all of the final loan modification paperwork once it is approved. There are a lot of differences between a loan modification agency and an experienced loan modification attorney.

A Miami Loan Modification attorney may be able to help you better understand your new contract and will be able to review any questions you have on your loan modification before it is sent back to the bank for processing. I always believe that any person looking to apply for a loan modification should know what to expect and be well informed of the process.

If you are thinking of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may also be able to apply for a loan modification in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The program is called Loss Mitigation Mediation (LMM Program) that is available to you if you are filing for bankruptcy in Miami, filing for bankruptcy in Broward or filing for bankruptcy in Palm Beach.

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