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Identity Theft and Your Tax Refund

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“Identity thieves are stealing people’s Social Security numbers and other key pieces of personal information in order to file a fraudulent tax return and claim a refund, the IRS warned Monday”. Often times these thieves file the fraudulent tax return early on in the year in order to beat their victim to it. It takes about four months for the IRS to check and clear out the fraudulent filings if this happens to your account before you can claim your lost tax return. The IRS has stopped about 19 million fraudulent filings since 2011 which is estimated to be worth more than 63 billion dollars.

It is suggested that you limit who you release your social security number to. In other words, do not release your social security number over the phone, through an email, or on the web unless you know the person you are giving it to. You can avoid getting your information being taken away by setting up a firewall on your computer and constantly changing your passwords. Your social security is essentially your life and it is important that you keep it as safe as possible. It is also suggested that you check your credit report every year to keep track of any fraudulent charges that may have been made on your behalf.

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Source: CNN Money – ID thieves stealing tax refunds still a big problem, IRS says

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