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How To Live Debt Free During Your Retirement Years

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As Americans, we plan for retirement from the time we begin working. Every time we clock in, every time we file our taxes, every time we contribute to our 401k and IRA accounts – we are planning and creating a cushion for the golden years. However, something that most do not consider to work on is reducing their debt before hitting the retirement finish line.

When we retire, our income changes considerably. Some individuals can go from making a comfortable living wage to making around $1200.00 a month. This can affect your disposable income and make paying regular creditor bills difficult. If it is possible to plan ahead and payoff some expenses, it is wise to do so. This will create some peace of mind later on and help you live off your new, fixed income easily and stress-free

However, we all know that sometimes it is not as easy to pay off larger expenses such as a mortgage or even all of your credit card debt before retirement. If you are already retired and having difficulty trying to make all of your payments, call our office at 305-820-0334 to speak to a South Florida bankruptcy attorney today! We are here to help you make an informed decision on which road is best to take to achieve financial freedom and a stress-free life!

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