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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

how bankruptcies work

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often not an easy decision to make. When you are overwhelmed with credit card debt and medical bill debt and you want to stop debt collector calls, a chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good solution.

When you make an appointment to meet with a Miami Bankruptcy Attorney, you may have a lot of questions about the process and what happens to your credit after you file for bankruptcy. I will make sure you have all of the answers to make an informed decision about filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy and if it is right for you.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you the option, in most cases, to eliminate debt without having to pay back your creditors. chapter 7 bankruptcy case usually lasts
around 3 months and once completed, your debt will be discharged and you can start a new chapter in your life soon after.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not have to be a scary ordeal. At my law office, I strive to make the entire process of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy a smooth and simple one by giving my clients direct and personal service along the way.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I have helped many individuals and couples file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and I am eager to help you to eliminate your debt and relieve your financial stress. Please call me for a free consultation at one of my offices, conveniently located in Miami-Dade or Broward County at 305-820-0334.

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