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Famous Athletes and their Debt leading to Bankruptcy

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In recent years, various well-known athletes from all sports have filed for bankruptcy, These problems arise, often times due to high divorcement rates, gambling addictions, poor business investments, (etc.). These high-profile names range from; basketball to hockey, soccer to baseball, and many other competitive activities.

Some of the athletes listed below are considered to be the greatest in their sport (respectively). Despite high paying wages and glorious contracts, many of these athletes are unable to manage their monetary funds effectively due to little high-level education, Many of these athletes were unable to pay their bills and debts over time in which accumulated to cause their bankruptcy. High-profile names that filed for bankruptcy include and is not limited to: Tony Gwynn, Craig Mettles, Curt Schilling, Lenny Dykstra, Dennis Rodman, Allen Iverson, Scottie Pippen, Johnny Unitas, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Vick, Bernie Kosar, Warren Sapp, Vince Young, Diego Maradona, Bobby Orr, and many others from various sports. All of these athletes have something in common; this being that they filed bankruptcy during or after their prosperous sports careers. Will this recurring pattern of athletic bankruptcies have a halt? Only time will tell.

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