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What is the Purpose of Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Debtor Education?

People who seek the protections of the Florida bankruptcy courts are always asking about what are the bankruptcy credit counseling and debtor education requirements. After all, when one is delinquent on debt and is seeking bankruptcy relief how can credit counseling and debtor education help with the debt? The federal bankruptcy law, BACPA (Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005), can answer the question. With almost no exception, those considering a bankruptcy must take credit counseling at least 6 months before [...]

Florida Bankruptcy Filings and National Bankruptcy Filings are Down Again

The United States Courts system has just released its quarterly reports showing that national bankruptcy filings are down by 12 percent on average. In the state of Florida, the average decrease in filing stands at 13 percent, totally consistent with the overall national picture. This first quarterly report for 2015 compares filings at this time of the year with those of last year. If one looks at a 5 year trend, bankruptcy filings are down again, for the last 5 years going, both [...]

The Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Interview Process – Part II

Once in the attorney's office, before you speak to the attorney and seek out all your options, bankruptcy or otherwise, you will probably be given an intake form to provide your contact information with general questions as to your income, debts, and assets. It is of utmost importance that you fill out that information completely and accurately. The consultation will be only as thorough and accurate as the information that is requested by the bankruptcy attorney and that provided by the potential client. [...]

The Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Interview Process- Part I

What happens when you go meet a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer? The first thing that should happen is that you need to be speaking to the attorney and not to a paralegal. Your financial situation is too important to allow a potentially low-level employee to decide whether you should be undertaking a very crucial process in the first place. Although statistically speaking many debt issues presented to bankruptcy attorneys are ordinary, only an attorney may give legal advice. Prior to making the appointment, make sure you are speaking to a bankruptcy [...]

Florida Bankruptcy Without An Attorney – Part III of III

After reading Part I, you now know that the bankruptcy petition preparer had to present you with a written contract, payment terms and examples of work to be done but they could not give you any legal advice. ( See Blog Archive-Florida Bankruptcy Without an Attorney -Part I.) If you have read Part II, you understand that there are many things that a bankruptcy petition preparer cannot do or say under bankruptcy law. (See Blog Archive-Florida Bankruptcy Without an Attorney- Part II.) The important [...]

Filing for Bankruptcy in Miami Without an Attorney – Part I of III

Filing a bankruptcy petition to eliminate or lessen the burden of debts is a personal choice that is usually made under less than ideal circumstances. Many people believe that filing bankruptcy in Miami can remedy their financial situation even without the need of an experienced Miami bankruptcy lawyer. Moreover, not only do some people pick general practitioners with little or no current knowledge of bankruptcy matters, but they also choose to go about it with a paralegal or without an attorney altogether. Although [...]

Florida Bankruptcy Without An Attorney – Part II of III

You have met with a bankruptcy petition preparer, you have paid them, and now you have questions. For starters, you want to save your house and you want to know what chapter of the bankruptcy code you can file. You also want to know if you can lower the interest on your motor vehicle and keep paying your motor vehicle while in bankruptcy. It is also important for you to know if you can keep some of your credit cards when you file. You turn to your bankruptcy [...]

Millennials Are Not Saving Money

According to a study conducted by Moody's Analytics, those under 35 are not saving their money. As a matter-of-fact, the savings rate for people under 35 has declined to negative 2%, this means that millennials' expenses exceed what they earn. Not surprisingly, millennials are the only age group that has a negative savings rate. People from age 35 – 44 on the other hand, have a positive 3% savings rate. Unfortunately, millennial are struggling financially even though the country's unemployment rate declined to [...]

What Do Miami Residents Spend The Most Money On?

As many of us know, Americans love to spend money. The question that should be asked is where do you find yourself spending the most money? Is it buying tickets to sports/entertainment events like Miami Heat games? Is it buying music, books, or even tickets to the movies? Better yet, is it waiting in a long line on Wednesday for the next lottery ticket for the upcoming drawing? If you guessed buying lottery tickets, you were right! A recent survey conducted by the [...]