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Alberto H. Hernandez a Miami Springs Bankruptcy Attorney

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Miami Springs Bankruptcy Firm

The Law office of Alberto H. Hernandez, P.A., is a firm which represents debtors who are facing debt collection directly with the party contracted with, collection agencies, or attorneys collection letters or litigation. The firm does not generally represent debtors who have other matters pending unless they are directly relevant to the underlying debt, including credit card lawsuits and foreclosure matters. Many times, the best advice includes filing of bankruptcy. This is so when negotiation is not possible, the debtor has no way of making payment arrangements or when the creditor refuses to accept any or all of the payment adjustments sought by the debtor. In some cases, where the debtor is not an individual but a corporation or other business entity, the firm will make itself available for matters related to the ongoing maintenance of corporate compliance and sale if one is possible outside a bankruptcy scenario.

No Matter the Debt Type or Amount, We Can Help

If you have means of paying your bills, you do not need a debt or bankruptcy attorney. Most people don’t fall into this category. So, if you have a debt that you can’t pay, that you believe that you don’t owe, or that is being collected upon, or close to a lawsuit, come see us for a free consultation. Most people don’t know their rights or don’t have the necessary legal skills to ask the right questions to get answers related to their debt. It only takes a few minutes, but bring us your lawsuit, your documents, and your proof of payments, and we can decipher your situation.

You Should Always See a Miami Springs Bankruptcy Lawyer

Seeing your friendly neighborhood debt or bankruptcy lawyer is not a pleasant situation. After all, you are providing private personal information to a stranger who may know your friends, family or co-workers. To top it off, you are now providing details of a personal nature that can label you in your mind as a non-productive member of society, etc., etc. Fortunately, all discussions between you and your attorney are confidential, and under the lawyer’s rules of ethics, the attorney can not disclose your particular circumstances to anyone, ever. But, most importantly, seeing a bankruptcy attorney or discussing your debt problems should not be a not cause for stigma or labels. It is well within your rights as a citizen and resident of Miami Springs, Florida and the United States federal bankruptcy laws to consult an attorney to discuss debt relief. Everyone should do it at least once a year if there are debt problems. If you get a copy of your credit report, come see us for a free consultation to discuss any debt you dispute or any amounts you may want to negotiate before you pay. At the Miami Springs Bankruptcy Law Firm of Alberto H. Hernandez, P.A., our consultation is free. Call us at (305)820-0334.