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Miami Gardens Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are many attorneys in South Florida but there are very few who truly understand bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy attorneys must understand bankruptcy and its nuances. The truly experienced bankruptcy attorney must understand mortgages, financing, debt and debt default, and the causes of financial troubles: loss of job or loss of overtime, death, separation or divorce. They must also understand the not-so-obvious other reasons: addiction, lack of education, lack of control, and apathy. Our office deals with all these issues every day and we try to identify them so that future behavior or circumstances do not affect the client in such a harmful way. Because we focus on debt and bankruptcy law, we understand the players: the trustee, the creditors, the process. Thus, we can help.

Our Promise

Although many of the clients we see have similar factual situations ( ex. credit card debt) the advice and process we follow is identical in scope for all cases. All client matters we deal with we take seriously, whether they encompass one creditor or one-hundred. We do not judge a person for the number of creditors or amount of debt. We spend as much time with the simple case as well as with the difficult matters with the objective of having the clients pay as little as possible as a result of hiring our office. We will assess every case on its merits and provide a positive resolution to impact our client in the most beneficial way. That is our promise.

Best Miami Gardens Bankruptcy Attorney

Most people who fall behind in their payments and see a bankruptcy attorney in Miami don’t hire one because they think that such attorney is the best bankruptcy attorney in Miami or in the surrounding areas. The best bankruptcy attorney is one who provides the results that were promised! These results must however, be within what is allowed by applicable law. At the Law Offices of Alberto H. Hernandez, P.A., we will only make you promises that we can keep. We will not promise you anything that is not possible under the state of the law, nor anything that is illegal or unethical under the Florida Bar rules. We promise we will protect your assets and your income, and attempt to eliminate or lessen your debt, but only within the bounds of the law. Please make an appointment to see us if you would like to obtain a fresh start or know your options.