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Debt Attorneys for Hialeah Gardens

If you are in financial straits or facing imminent foreclosure, possible lawsuit, or harassment from your creditors, you need to see your knowledgeable debt attorney. We are your bankruptcy attorneys in Hialeah Gardens and surrounding areas and we will help you seek the proper remedy to resolve your outstanding debt problems. We offer bankruptcy advise, debt review and possible alternatives to getting sued and losing your property. Your timely review of your financial matters may mean the difference between losing your property and keeping it, saving your home and losing it.

Debt Solution Attorneys

Our office helps people facing financial issues by restoring the calm that is needed in a world full of stress and other personal problems. We receive your problems and manage them in order to find the right solutions for our clients, their families and businesses. Our legal expertise is based on providing solutions to matters after careful analysis of the client’s expectations in light of their income, assets, debts and obligations. While in consultation with the client our office attempts to bring about a personalized solution with the full authorization of the client. Our process involves:

  • Reviewing the client’s credit history
  • Reviewing the client’s income and assets
  • Reviewing the client’s debts and obligations
  • Reviewing the client’s legal history including previous lawsuits
  • Reviewing the client’s prior history of bankruptcy and default
  • Assessing the likelihood of success in defending a lawsuit
  • Assessing the need to postpone or delay payment of obligations
  • Assessing the need for negotiation instead of litigation
  • Assessing whether a client needs to declare chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Assessing whether a client needs to file bankruptcy or if there’s another alternative

Affordable Hialeah Gardens Attorney Bankruptcy and Debt Services

The experienced Hialeah Gardens bankruptcy attorney can have all the knowledge of the laws, and expertise in his area, but still needs to properly assess the client’s situation before a diagnosis of the problem is found, and legal assistance is provided. We pride ourselves in providing legal advice that protects our client’s property and future well-being of people and the companies they run. It is sensible and affordable representation during challenging and trying times. Let us assist you today with a free consultation with no strings attached. Your legal problems may just be ending sooner than later, just around corner.